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Pay per click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is increasingly becoming the most popular marketing strategies for both large and small businesses on the web today.


Pay per click (PPC) is a search engine marketing service where advertisers pay a charge every time someone clicks on the ad they have placed in search engine's sponsored results. PPC can be called the paid version of standard SEO campaigns. PPC can get you instant traffic and a first page position in search pages.

Pay per click (PPC) is an internet marketing model used on search engines, advertising networks in which advertisers pay their cost only when their ad is clicked. Pay Per Click is the most hassle free way of advertising. PPCs are the 'Sponsored Links' or 'Featured Links'.  Pay per click services is an effective way of bringing targeted traffic to your site. PPC is an expensive lead generation initiative and hence demands expert management of the campaign.

PPC has a number of advantages over ordinary SEO. It is independent of search engine ranking and its rank can be controlled. PPC is not affected by search engine algorithms and hence companies employing PPC technique need not update their websites on a regular basis. These advantages combine to make PPC an effective technique for marketing a website on the web which has some unique features which cannot be matched by any other online promotion.


The process of PPC Professional includes

Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Bid management

Budget Management

Keyword Research

Ad Editing

Creating Landing Pages

Campaign Assessment Reports

Click Fraud Analysis

Competitive analysis

Analysis and Reporting


Pixel Dope offers professional pay per click services with proven methodologies and stimulating ideas getting you best ROI enhancing your business value through enterprising pay per click campaign management. Pay Per Click (PPC) services include sophisticated content research, key phrase development and integrated ROI tracking enabling cost-to-revenue analysis.

The beauty of PPC lies in the high speed that it makes you reach your target market and generate quality leads. As a leading PPC advertising company our job does not just end there. Our effective PPC management ensures that you target only those prospects who are your potential clients. We offer you a high degree of success with PPC campaigns in terms of visitors seeing your ads, clicking it and buying your products/services. With cutting edge PPC management solutions we help you to bid at the lowest possible Cost Per Click (CPC) rate and save you from losing money on unproductive campaigns


Through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign you get

More sales

More enquiries

Higher ROI (Return on Investment)

Lower CPA’s (Cost per Acquisition)

Bid Management and Tracking

Customized Reporting


Pixel Dope’s pay per click campaign management team has gone through comprehensive research combined with vast experience in managing larger PPC campaigns in multiple domains, which provides an edge in managing your pay per click advertising campaign.

Pixel Dope’s search engine marketing team is equipped with all the skill and expertise to ensure that our clients derive maximum benefit through an in-depth analysis which helps them meet their search engine marketing goals resulting in the highest ROI.


How PPC service is useful

With pay-per-click advertising, website owners are capable to get any quantity of unique visitor's and foremost front page search engine exposure immediately provided they are geared up to pay for it.

Pay per click advertising technique guarantees you to acquire top search engine position to qualify for the unique targeted search engine traffic to your site.

If pay per click campaign is launched effectively and in well planned manner chances are high to receive more targeted visitor in very less click through price.

Website owner who immediately needs more visitor after their website is constructed they can take use of this pay per click service.


Benefit of using our pay per click services

We have very good expertise in running  pay per click campaign

We offer the widest market reach by identifying the ideal PPC search depending upon budget and geographical location of target market.

We give high ROI (return on your investment) through overall PPC management

We can create a campaign structure including logical adgroups and regional targeting preferences

We can create landing page creation for each keyword theme

We provide this pay per click service at very reasonable price with a guarantee result

Our Pay per click bid management services include the ongoing monitoring and optimization of your campaigns, to continuously improve on results and take maximum advantage of changing circumstances

Our pay per click services save you from getting involved in a keyword bidding war with your competitors


We regularly monitor your pay-per-click campaigns

Keywords that are driving quality traffic

Keywords, ad titles and descriptions that result in conversion

Suspicious clicks

Keywords and ads that are driving traffic- but not resulting in conversions


What Else Do We offer?

We also offer web design and development, seo friendly content writing, e-commerce solutions, multimedia and animation solutions, print and graphic designing and website hosting.

If you have any query, just request a free quote and we will send you a personalized proposal according to your needs.

You can download and complete the planner and email it back to get a personalized quote for your project. So go ahead and download website planner here.

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